• An Argument for the Existence of God from Beauty

    Our recognition of Creativity and beauty is one of the many reasons I think God exists. What advantage does recognizing creativity or beauty have in the survival of the fittest? But, if there is a creator God we should expect to be blown away by creativity and beauty because he has been creative in creating this beautiful world and therefore creativity and beauty have intrinsic value because they point us to our great creator God.

    If you are an atheist or an agnostic how would you respond?

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  • What I learnt from John Stott

    Today I read this:

    “Those self-appointed evangelical leaders come across as hypocrites, monetizing Jesus rather than emulating him. Some seem homophobic, and many who claim to be “pro-life” seem little concerned with human life post-uterus. Those are the preachers who won headlines and disdain.”

    The quote is taken from a piece in the New York Times about John Stott who passed away last week. This article basically says how well Stott did at emulating Christ and how badly other more well known christian leaders have done in this area.

    It made me think what does the world hear from me?

    What does the world hear from my church, Resolved?

    What does the world hear from us as Christians?

    Do they hear that we love them as we take a stand on the issues we should take a stand on?

    Do they hear compassion as we preach?

    Do they hear and see both truth and tears or is it just cold truth?

    One of the things that I loved about John Stotts writing and his preaching was his ability to say what was true about our world and our condition and yet he came never across as judgmental but loving and caring. You could hear and feel as he preached and wrote that these weren’t just ideas and words he was preaching and writing about. These words and ideas were designed and crafted for people and so he needed to communicate them with care and love.

    I hope one day I can master preaching the hard truths of the gospel with love and care just like John Stott did.