• Vibe part 3: What kind of vibe should we be going for?

    If you go to a number of different churches you will experience that each church has a different vibe.

    Some have the vibe of a rock concert, others have the vibe of a 16th century church service, other churches will have a mystical vibe, some churches people are seated on couches and the list could go on.

    So many things that we could list change the vibe of a service. Whether it be location, lighting, music, what people wear etc. All these things change the vibe.

    But if we focus on these things and we think if we get these right we will have a great vibe to our service we will be completely unbiblical.

    The other day I did a blog called A biblical theology if vibe. In it we saw that God is loving and holy and we want the vibe of our churches to reflect these attributes.

    With that in mind what kind of music we have in church or what I wear in church is, to a certain extent, peripheral.

    What we need to be going for is a loving vibe, one where people have the space to reflect on the holiness and love of God.

    A person going away feeling loved and knowing that God is holy and loving is far more important and impactful than if we have a great artificial vibe.

    This vibe is all about people and Gods word not about fashion.

    This vibe is about letting the gospel permeate every aspect of what we do and being intentional about that.

    This is the vibe we want

    But can we get this vibe?

    How can we encourage our churches to be a church which has this vibe?


  • I am writing and book and need your help!


    For years people have asked me “What is a good book to give musicians at church?”. I always replied by saying there is no good book that I know of that is gospel centred and that talks about the character of a great church musician. Usually people have replied by saying “Why don’t you write one then!”

    Then the other day I got this email:

    I was approached by one of the youth leaders at my church with some concerns about some the muso kids in the youth group who are being a bit showy off on camps and so on (music wise) and said leader had some concerns about how to approach them about being humble in how they operate with the whole music stuff. They are very talented bunch of youth guys who will probably head into the music industry to some degree. I was wondering if you guys had any thoughts about how as Christians to best handle being humble as a musician in both Christian music but also more mainstream?

    This email finally gave me the incentive to write this book!

    I am thinking of calling the book The Core Five: Five Things Every Church Musician Must Be.

    Each chapter will be a readable exposition, aimed at young musicians, of a passage that will deal with each of the core 5 attributes. Here are the core five attributes and the passages I am thinking about basing them on:

    3. CORE 3: CHURCH MUSICIANS ARE HUMBLE (Philippians 2:1-18)
    4. CORE 4: CHURCH MUSICIANS LOVE THEIR Bible (2 Tim 3:10-17)

    This is where you guys come in. What do you think of the proposal? Would you choose different attributes or different passages? Would you tackle it in another way?