It is very easy to think that Christianity is for a certain kind of person. Someone who is weak willed or someone who is a moral outcast or someone down on their luck. There are people who think Christianity is not for them. They are the people who are, in their own eyes at least, strong, successful, morally reputable and because of these qualities they think they don’t need Jesus. But if Christians are honest we have two groups of people in mind too and they accord with the two groups of people mentioned above.

It is interesting as we read the biography of Jesus entitled John that we come across two people in two adjacent chapters who couldn’t be more different. In John chapter 3 we meet Nicodemus. Nicodemus is a person who has got it together in almost every way. He knows his Bible, he is moral and he is a well respected leader. In John chapter four we meet an unnamed woman who is almost the opposite of Nicodemus. She is a moral failure, a person with no influence who has a broken life. But here is the thing. Jesus shows that they both need to trust him. As Don Carson puts it:

“John may intend a contrast between the woman of this narrative and Nicodemus of chapter 3. He was learned, powerful, respected, orthodox, theologically trained; she was unschooled, without influence, despised, capable of only folk religion. He was a man, a Jew, a ruler; she was a woman, a Samaritan, a moral outcast. And both need Jesus.”

 Don Carson, The Gospel According to John, 216

There is application for all of us here.

Those who don’t call ourselves Christians. Have you really checked Jesus out? Have you examined the reasons why you think you don’t need him and the reasons why he says you do? What if you chose to read 1 chapter of John’s biography of Jesus every day for the next 21 days and really come to grip with who Jesus is and what he did? I promise you it will enrich your life. You can start reading John’s biography of Jesus here

For those of us that do know him lets not think of two different categories of people, those that obviously need Jesus and those that don’t, because in John Chapters 3 and 4 we see that all people need Jesus.

What else hits you from John chapters 3 and 4 as you read it?

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