It seems like tweeting during sermons is the thing to do these days. On Sunday night my Twitter feed is clogged with the ubiquitous hash tag #sermonhighlights. Usually the tweets are a little quote from the sermon which has hit the tweeter. The tweeter is trying to share what they are learning with their followers. This is a commendable thing.
I used to tweet during sermons until a friend of mine challenged me about it. After his loving challenge I stopped tweeting during sermons.
Here is why I think you shouldn’t tweet during sermons. You shouldn’t tweet during sermons because God is speaking! If God is speaking we shouldn’t be distracted. If God is speaking we should be intently hearing his word and applying it to our lives.
The fact that God is speaking means that we should focus on his word. Come to church, turn off your phone and focus on his life giving word!
Anyway, no one really cares what you put on Twitter.
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