“How many people are you running?” I once was asked that by another pastor. I wasn’t sure how to answer. I mean by saying how many people we are running it sounds like we are counting head of stock doesn’t it? Also, if we have heaps of people does that mean we are going well or are there other factors in assessing church and leadership health? More importantly does God even care about numbers?

Francis Chan in his book Forgotten God: Reversing Our Neglect of The Holy Spirit has this to say about what God cares about when he looks at our churches:

“God is not interested in numbers. He cares most about the faithfulness, not the size, of His bride. He cares about whether people are lovers of Him. And while I might be able to get people in the doors of a church or auditorium if I tell enough jokes or use enough visuals, the fact remains that I cannot convince people to be obsessed with Jesus. Perhaps I can talk people into praying a prayer, but I cannot talk anyone into falling in love with Christ. I cannot make someone understand and accept the gift of grace. Only the Holy Spirit can do that. So by every measure that actually counts, I need the Holy Spirit. Desperately.”

Chan, himself an ex megachurch pastor, says that God is more concerned with people being on fire for Jesus than having a massive church full of people that are turning up to a show. Therefore, Chan says, we need the Holy Spirit desperately.

Think about this question:  What is going to make your church great?

Chan’s answer is: Your church will be great if people are full of the Holy Spirit. Because when people are full of the Holy Spirit they will be on fire for Jesus.

Imagine having a church full of spirit filled on fire for Jesus Christians? Wouldn’t that be awesome? But if you had a church like that I think numbers would take care of themselves wouldn’t they?

Do you think God cares about how many people go to your church?

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