Spiritual warfare is a constantly thorny topic. There seems to be people who see a demon under every bush and every spiritual attack looks like a scene from Paranormal Activity 4. (Which looks AWESOME by the way!)  Then there is other people who seem to downplay  spiritual warfare so much that it seems like we are to discount the passages in the Bible which speak of it.

So how does spiritual warfare actually work?

The answer is spiritual warfare is much more boring than you think! Here is what Kevin DeYoung says about it in his great book The Hole in our Holiness:

“But we could also talk more broadly about faith in the Word of God. That’s essentially what spiritual warfare is: believing the truth of God instead of the lies of the Devil. Satan is the father of lies, and his basic weapon is deception. He lies about God. He lies about your sin. He lies about you forgiveness. He lies about the Bible. Resisting the Devil has nothing to do with haunted houses or spinning heads. It has to do with faith, trusting in truth instead of lies. That’s what Ephesians 6 is all about. Put on the belt of truth. Take up the shield of faith. Wield the sword of the spirit. In spiritual warfare you stand fast against the schemes of the devil by standing fast on the Word of God.”

Kevin DeYoung, The Hole in our Holiness, 87-88

So, how do you engage in spiritual warfare? Believe the Gospel. Read your Bible and pray. Tell people about Jesus. Be active in church. Listen to sermons for encouragement not for entertainment and critique. Read a good gospel centered book that will help you love Jesus more. Then you will be in the thick of spiritual warfare.

Because, in the end, spiritual warfare is more boring than you think.

What do you think about spiritual warfare?

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