It is very easy not to tell people about Jesus isn’t it? We have every excuse in the book don’t we? But have you ever considered what you are saying when you choose not to share the gospel?
My dad grew up in Denmark after the 2nd world war. He once told me a true story that chilled me to my bones.
At a church that was near where my dad grew up there was a young minister in charge of his first church. The church was just across the road from a train station where Nazis used to put Jews on trains bound for Auschwitz. It just so happened that the trains would leave the station at 9:10am on a Sunday morning. So just as the church was singing its first couple of songs the train would leave and the passengers who were going to Auschwitz would scream. As you can understand this would destroy the vibe of the singing in church!
So the minister called his bishop who came and led next Sundays service. The singing started, the train went, the screams rose and the singing went down in volume. To which the bishop exclaimed “Just sing louder!!”
Are you kidding me? Just sing louder so that singing of songs to God drowns out the screams of people going to their impending death.
We are outraged and rightly so.
But have you ever thought that every time you decide to not share the gospel with someone because of those reasons we all have what you are really saying to yourself is “Just sing Louder!!” Because aren’t you letting the reasons in your head block out the thought of this person going to hell?
Do you really want to say to yourself “Just sing louder?”
What motivates you to share the Gospel more freely?
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