I am preaching on having  joy in the midst of suffering this Sunday at Resolved. Joy in the midst of suffering is something we need to talk about as Christians because we will all suffer at some point in our lives.

In preparing this sermon I keep thinking about my family as we all struggled through my dad’s cancer and as we continue to live without a great friend, husband and father.  I came across this quote from Wayne Grudem as I was not only grieving my loss but preparing this sermon.

“He thus reminds Christians that Gods purposes in present grief may not be fully known in a week, in a year, or even in a lifetime. Indeed, some of gods purposes will not be even known when believers die and go to be with the lord. Some will only be discovered at the day of final judgement when the Lord reveals the secrets of all hearts and commends with special honour those who trusted him in hardship even though they could not see a reason for it: they trusted him simply because he was their God and they knew him to be worthy of trust. It is in times when the reason for hardship cannot be seen that trust in God alone seems to become most pure and precious in his sight. Such faith he will not forget, but will store up as a jewel of great value and beauty to be displayed and delighted in on the day of judgement.”Wayne  Grudem. The First Epistle of Peter, pg 65

I love how Grudem point to so eloquently reminds us of our reward in heaven.

The great hope that Christians have when they are suffering is that God will not forget our suffering but will reward our faithfulness.

How do you hold onto this hope when you are suffering?

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