I am in Tony Morgan’s new church leaders coaching network and I have been reading some of the ebooks he has written and have found them very useful. I found this quote very convicting as I read so many business leadership books but often neglect the bible on Leadership. This has been a helpful corrective for me:
“It is true that we church leaders can learn from business leaders, but the corporate world should not set the foundation from which we lead. We can also learn from fellow church leaders, but they are also human and don’t provide a perfect model for Biblical leadership. When we look to other leaders, we are essentially holding on to our traditions rather than embracing the truth about leadership found in God’s Word. The Bible needs to become our filter for truth in every area of our life and ministry just because we see others doing it doesn’t mean that’s how God designed it.”
Tony Morgan Developing a Theology of Leadership
So many pastors are wrong about leadership because we look to secular models of leadership more than looking at what the Bible Says about Leadership. This is something we (especially myself) need to repent of.
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