We are all looking for little things that make big differences in our lives. Whether that little thing is a new gadget, app or whatever we want to buy it and use it. But I have got a word, yes a word, that will revolutionize your life.

That word is……

(drum roll please)


Yes, that’s right, the word “no” will revolutionize your life.

One of the biggest issues I see in people today is their inability or unwillingness to say NO. We either take on too much and therefore we cant do the things we need to do with excellence or we take on things that aren’t going to get us to our goals in life.

What would happen if you said no to everything you could not with excellence?

What would happen if you said no to things that you don’t have to do that steal time away from your loved ones?

What would happen if you only said yes to those things you could put in an awesome effort for?

The great business writer Jim Collins says that all leaders need to have a stop doing list. This is a list of things that you are going to stop doing so you can focus on the things you should be doing.

If you were going to write a stop doing list what would be on it?

What good things do you need to say no to so that you can give your full energy to great things?

We all need to use the word “no” more.

If we do it will change our lives for the better.


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