Postmodern Christian and brilliant author Lauren Winner has a had a tough trot of late. She has gone through a divorce and a year where she didnt feel particularly great about being a Christian. She has written a piece for Relevant Magazine entitles “Why I am (still) a Christian.” Her ultimate answer to why she is still a christian may surprise you. It did me!

“Here’s a less-than-sexy, less-than-po-mo response: I am a Christian because of doctrine. Really, I mean this. In particular, I am a Christian because of the doctrine of sin—because the Christian story includes an account of everything I see when I look in the mirror and when I look out the window. It includes an account of the beauty and goodness I see—created and redeemed goodness—and also an account of the corroded, corrupt things I see. Indeed, it is Christian doctrine that not only explains those things but that allows me to see them in the first place. So, I am a Christian because of the ways the Christian story teaches me to see reality for what it is.

I am a Christian because the self-hiding God of Isaiah 45 holds me even when I am in hiding, too.

I am a Christian because Matthew 25 has been the only thing that has gotten me to interrupt my own career advancement, social life, housework and more and go to a prison—or in some other way do something other than advance my own interests. I know many a secular humanist is motivated by something other than Matthew 25 to do good things, to participate in the in-breaking of justice, but nothing else has ever actually gotten me up and out of my house. But Matthew 25 has.

I am a Christian because when I sing “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing,” the words always tell the truth.

I could go on, but you get the point.”

So, why are you a Christian?

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