He was sitting across from me and I was frustrated. I had asked him to do very simple tasks that he didn’t do. In fact this was a constant theme in our relationship. I was frustrated he was angry at me for being frustrated. It was a lose lose situation.

The problem was I was enamored with his talent. I was so enamored with his talent that I would consistently excuse his character flaws.

It has been interesting following Joe Lacob, Mark Jackson, Jerry West and Bob Myers as they have sought to rebuild my favourite NBA team The Goldenstate Warriors.one of the things that they have been harping on us getting high character guys. The three guys they drafted were high character guys and any free agents they are going to pick up are going to be high character guys.

The Warriors brass know that talent looks good in the short term whereas character will impact both the short and the long term.


As a leader, what impresses you the most? Talent or character? For me talent is impressive in the short term because it is easily seen. It is character that takestime to be seen. Character is only seen over time because character is about consistency of action despite the circumstances. It is about doing what you say you will do no matter what it costs. It is about keeping your word always.


As leaders we need talented eople but we need people with character more.

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