I love reading Jim Collins’ books. If you have never read one of his books you need to sell your shirt and got and buy one if not all the books he has written and read them! Last week I listened to a great talk that Jim Collins gave at the Catalyst Conference. It was basically a summary of his awesome book Great by Choice. At the end of the talk he gave ten practical things for the people at the conference to do. Here they are:

1.  Do the Good to Great diagnostic on jimcollins.com on yourself and get your staff team to do it on your church/ ministry/ organisation.

2. Work out what your key leadership positions are and devise a plan on how to fill them with great people in the next year.

3.  Build a personal board of directors/mentors. Mentoring is so crucial for upcoming leaders. We need to build a group of people who are taking time to mentor us.

4. Get your personal hedgehog straight. A hedgehog is something you can be passionate about, be great at and make the most impact with.

5. Set a 20 mile march and stick to it. A 2o mile march is a pattern of growth that is sustainable that you and your organization are going to stick to. For example you might want to grow your youth group by 20 percent each year every year. In the beginning this may not look like much but if the your youth group grew by 20 percent every year for ten years how many people would be at your youth group? You do the maths.

6. Fire 6 new bullets before the end of the year. Firing bullets is Collins’ way of trying something new that is low risk high reward. So you want to write a blog. Write a blog post a week for 3 months and see what happens, if it takes off then put some real time into it  but if it doesn’t take off ditch it. Or another example, you want to start a training program for young people at your church. Start it with a few people and put a little bit of time in it and if it takes off now devote a lot of time to it. What we usually do is the opposite we have a great idea and we put all out weight behind it and even if we are 50 percent successful that means we fail 50 percent of the time.

7. Turn off electronic gadgets for two days every two weeks. This means that we will be able to do work that doesn’t rely on our computer. E.g. Sermon prep and reading.

8. Create a stop doing list. Every leader needs to stop dong some things to be effective at what they should be doing. What are you going to stop doing to be more effective at the things you should be doing?

9.  Double your reach to people half my age. Think about how you are going to reach and mentor people half your age.

10. Set a Big Hairy Audacious Goal that makes you really useful. Don’t set a goal that is small and don’t set a goal that is self centered. set one that is huge and will impact others.


Which one of these do you find the most inspiring?

Which one of these do you find the most challenging?

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