Over the next few days I will be sharing with you about my time at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. I went over there for a 9 Marks weekender and throughly loved every minute of it! This next blog was written while I was over there. The other blogs were written after I came back.

I am here. Finally! The plane ride was long and I didn’t sleep much but I am feeling okay. I was picked up at Dulles airport by my great friend Mat Freeman. From there we went to the nearest Chick Fil A (a “Christian” fast food restaurant!) but it was closed and so we had burritos and as you can see, the staff where we ate were extremely friendly.

I am staying with a bunch of single guys at the Bull Moose which is an old bed and breakfast, now owned by the church. I have my own room which is marginally bigger than a shoebox but is very nice. I only slept three hours but am as ready for the weekend as the NSW people are ready for a new government.

This morning I started work over in the Capitol Hill offices but Mark Dever (Senior Pastor at Capitol Hill Baptist) told me to come and work in his office because it is a nicer space. It seems like Mark’s office is always open and people are welcome to come and work whenever they want, which, to an extrovert like me, sounds like heaven!

This afternoon I am sitting in on a conversation that Mark is having with some pastors over the phone and then going out to lunch with him. After that I am going sightseeing in the city and then after dinner there is a whole-church Bible study and then hanging out at Bull Moose with some cool kids from Capitol Hill.


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