Have you ever just looked up at the stars in the sky and just thought about how far away they are? What happens when you do is that you start to realise how small you are, and how insignificant you are. I remember when I was in Moree. Sometimes me and a few mates would go down to the local sports field at night and lie on our backs and stare up into the stars. Yeah, there wasn’t much to do in Moree. But what Moree did have is no pollution or city lights. So the sky just lit up before you. I remember one of my mates saying, “I love coming down here and staring up into the sky. It is when I feel the most insignificant and yet I feel the most alive.”

Think about it why do you go to places like in that example? Why do people go to the Blue Mountains and look out over the vast valley? Why do people stare up in space, and feel at the same time, insignificant yet never more alive? Because written into your DNA is the truth. That you and I weren’t made to be made much of.  We were made to make much of God, your heart won’t be stilled or satisfied, you will never be truly joyful until you find total rest in him. It is only in God that you will find your true and ultimate joy. And the first step to finding that joy is to come to grips with your own insignificance. Because when you feel your own insignificance you won’t want to make much of yourself, but you will want to make much of your God.


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