It is a common problem. People are bored with their church and they do not know what to do. Here are 5 questions I think everyone should ask when this is the case:

  1. Am I going to church expecting to hear God speak?

If the answer is no I must ask “Why not?” If God’s word is being preached it is powerful and active (Hebrews 4:12) and God is speaking (2 Timothy 3:15-17).  What would happen if you went to church expecting that God would speak? What if you read the passage a week ahead and you were ready for God to speak to you? Would you find church far more engaging?

2. Am I actively listening?

We live in a consumer culture and one of the drawbacks of this is we think we need to be entertained. If someone or something is boring I will switch off and anyway, it is not my fault for me switching off it is their fault because they didn’t keep me entertained! As we have seen God is speaking when his word is read and it will be applicable to my life and therefore when I go to church I shouldn’t be passively listening as if the preacher is there to entertain me. No, I should listen actively always asking myself “what is God saying to me in this sermon/ reading/ song etc?” What would happen if you actively listened at church? What would happen if while you were at church you were always asking the question “What is God saying to me?”

3. Am I looking for evidences of Grace?

It is easy to get into a mood where we are seeing all the bad things that are happening at church. It is easy to notice that the sermon wasn’t as good as sermons have been in the past few weeks. It is easy to notice the kid on drums can’t hold a beat to save his life. It is easy to notice how the service leader was trying to be funny but it really didn’t work. But do you know in your church God is at work? Do you realise that God is working through his word? If so do you have eyes to see? Do you have eyes to see that God is working in that new person’s life? Do you see that God is healing that marriage? Do you see that person stepping up to leadership? This is all happening at your church because God is at work. Are you seeing these evidences of grace?

4.  Am I serving the church?

It is easy to sit on the sidelines. When we do it is easy to become a coulda, woulda, shoulda person. You know the people say “I coulda done better than that. I woulda if I wanted to. Someone shoulda listen to me!” But when we serve we have a role in making the church better! We have an opportunity to impact people’s lives. When we see that we make a difference I think we then see how God is using us at church and therefore church will be an amazing place!

5.  Have I got sin in my life?

Sin is deceitful. It can be so fun when we are in the middle of it but when it gets pointed out in our lives it hurts and then we naturally feel guilty. What can happen is we just start pushing away our friends from church and shutting out what God may be saying to us through his word because we don’t want to feel the sting of rebuke. If we looks squarely at our sin and we also look to our saviour we see that Jesus has cleansed us of our sin and therefore we need to live the forgiven life. Part of this is dealing honestly with sin in our life. When we realise that Jesus has taken our sin on the cross church then becomes a place where I can praise him because of what he has done for me!

So much of the time we want our churches to be better. Our churches should be working at improving in all areas but sometimes the reason we don’t like church or find it boring is not about church at all it is about us!

So if you find church boring ask yourself first “Am I the problem?”


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