“If your heart does not leap at God’s grace in Christ, what you need is more grace. Nothing else can save you from your own deadness. Therefore, fear your own hardness of heart more than anything else. Beware of rigidity, ingratitude, a demanding spirit. Beware of an unmelted heart that is never satisfied. Beware of a mind that looks for excuses not to believe. Beware of the impulse that always finds a reason to delay response. Beware of thinking how the sermon applies to someone else. God watches how you hear his Word.”

Raymond C. Ortland, Jr., Isaiah: God Saves Sinners, pg 83

Has your heart grown cold or hard to the Gospel?

Are you bored with the Gospel?

How do we make sure we are not bored with the Gospel?

How do we make sure our hearts are continually refreshed by the Gospel?

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