This Saturday just gone I had lunch with Peter Northcote and Tanti Soemarjono. If you have never heard of Pete he is probably Australias most recorded guitarists and one of the most hard working dudes I have ever met. You should check him out![1]

We were talking about how my church Resolved ( can help the music community of Sydney and leave a positive mark. We were also talking about other things like guitar gear and my covers band. I asked him about how we as a cover band could improve? He said that for every one of his gigs he records the whole show on an mp3 player and it is videotaped so everyone in his band could watch and see what they look like and hear how they sound. Imagine the improvement that would happen if everything you did on stage was recorded and then you and your whole band listened back to the recording and worked hard on the things that sucked in your performance?

One of the many things Resolved tries to improve is it’s Sunday service. We recently have asked Matt Davis to watch over the vibe of our service and work at improving it. But I was thinking what would happen if everything was recorded? What if the music and the service leader and the preacher were recorded so they could go back and listen to what they did and see how they could improve? What if this was the basis of a session where loving and gentle feedback was given? I am sure our service would improve rapidly.

How about you? Could you record everything at your services and use the recordings to give feedback to the people who lead, play music, preach etc.? How do you give feedback to the people who participate in your services?

[1] Go to and check out my favourite song of his called “The Commencement of the System of things”


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