We Become What we Worship by Greg Beale.

This book is a biblical theology showing how we resemble what we revere for ruin or restoration. Beale shows that this theme is pervasive in the bible which opened up the bible in a new way for me. I also found the book to be very helpful in pastoral situations because I was able to see and show how the idols of our hearts enslave us. The last chapter about the practical application of this study is worth the price of the book.

When People are Big and God is Small by Ed Welch

This book is about overcoming the fear of man and it hit me and the Catalyst guys like a tonne of bricks. I didn’t realize how much fear of man was in my life until I read this book. The first section of the book diagnoses the problem and shows how we have unbiblical and unhelpful fixes to our issues. The second half of the book focuses on biblical fixes to the issue of the fear of man and other issues. This book is life changing! Buy it and read it!

Counterfeit Gods by Tim Keller

In this book the uber pastor, Tim Keller, takes aim at the idols in our lives and shows how they don’t satisfy and how the answer is found in the gospel. Everything that Keller writes is GOLD. I found this book extremely helpful in thinking through Idolatry especially as I am preaching through Hosea. It also pointed out some things in my life that are either idols or in danger of becoming Idols. This was a confronting and yet healing book to read.


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