“To make sin even more difficult to see, it often rides on the back of many good things. For example, work is a good thing , but sin can take it and exalt it to the point where it rules us. We become workaholics, we say we are doing it for the kids, but we are really doing it for ourselves. What about financial planning? Isn’t it wise to establish a nest egg for the future? This, too, is a good thing, but it can grow to ruling proportions and we forsake generosity. Most sins are ungodly exagerations of things that are good. As a result, we can supply proof texts to justify our behaviour long after it has become idolatrous.”

Ed Welch When People are Big and God is Small pg. 101

How have you seen good things become all encompassing things in your life?

What things in your life might be an idol?


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