Here is how Tim Keller stays spiritually vibrant:

  1. Private devotions – regular, consistent; morning  (40 mins), lunch-time (5 mins – recap), evening (40 mins), bed-time (pray with Kathy his wife)
  2. Spiritual friendship – Christian brothers & sisters who hold you accountable. Intimate friendship. Hebrews 3.16. Who have you given the right to do that?
  3. Right kind of pastoral counselling – Regular evangelism, discipleship, helping others. Some form of serving.
  4. Study & reading – you’ve got to read your head off!
  5. Corporate worship – do you really worship in your services or are you merely the producer and director?

I found this really challenging because it seems Keller and other well known pastors spend a lot of time working on their spiritual walk. This is not me and is something I need to change.

What disciplines are you doing to keep spiritually strong?

H/T A Faith to Live By

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