I have been reading the book Do Historical Matters Matter to Faith which is edited by Hoffmeier and Magary. So far it has been a great read and, if the titles of the essays are anything to go by, it is a very important book in light of the current debates about the historicity and genre(s) of the biblical texts. This morning I finished Mark Thompson’s essay entitled Toward a Theological Account of Biblical Inerrancy where Mark seeks to locate the doctrine of biblical inerrancy in the doctrine of God. It’s God’s character and his ability to communicate perfectly that makes us hold to the doctrine of inerrancy. Here is a quote from the essay:

We are brought back here to our earlier observation that God acts, not just in terms of what is possible, but in ways that are at every point in keeping with his character. Inspiration and inerrancy are not synonyms, that is true. Nevertheless, it is the unfailing veracity of God that gives a particular character to the texts, which are God breathed. Inspiration and inerrancy are inseparable in this case because of the identity and character of the One who gives us “the sacred writings which are able to make (us) wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.” (2 Tim 3:15)

Do Historical Matters Matter to Faith, pg. 96

Is it therefore right to say that when we deny inerrancy or argue against it we are really attacking God and his character?



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