I have been reading a lot about growing churches of late and one of the major factors in a growing church is getting everyone involved in doing ministry. If people are involved in doing ministry they feel like they have more ownership of the churches ministry and they are more likely to invite their non christian friends to church.

The problem is that we, as pastors, have been trained to do the ministry but rarely have we been equipped to lead others to do the ministry. What does it take to lead others well? I found this very helpful quote from John C Maxwell:

“To lead others well, we must help them reach their potential. That means being on their side, encouraging them, giving them power and helping them to succeed. That’s not traditionally what we have been taught about leadership. What were the two leadership games we were taught as kids? King of the Hill and Follow the Leader. What was the object of King of the Hill? To knock other people down so that you can be the leader. And what’s the point in Follow the Leader? You do things that you know the followers can’t do to separate yourself from them and make yourself look powerful. The problem with those games is that to win, you have to make all of the other people lose. The games are based on insecurity and are the opposite way to raise up leaders.”[1]

Here are five questions I asked the Elders of Resolved church last night as I talked about moving from doing the ministry to empowering others to do the ministry.
  1. Are you doing or enabling others to do the ministry?
  2. What do you find hard about letting others do the ministry that you lead?
  3. List the ministries you are involved with/leading
    1. Who are you training up in those ministries?
    2. Who should you train up?
  4. What steps are you going to take this month to go from a doer to a leader?

What about you? Are you a doer or a leader? The stats show that the growth of your church depends on you being a leader first and foremost.

[1] John C Maxwell The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, pg. 145



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