As the last few days have shown marriage is hard work. The thought of two sinners committing their lives to each other and then coasting along is a recipe for disaster. Just like anything good in life we need to plan and work hard for our marriages to succeed.

That being said it is all worth it. For all the tears, work and repentance that I have caused and had to go through because of my marriage to Kate I wouldn’t change a thing. I have thoroughly enjoyed marriage and have been changed into a better man as both Kate and God have worked on me in Kate and my marriage.

I tell myself that it is all worth it when it is hard. Especially when my sin apparent for all to see and I need to deal with it. I never want to deal with my sin but when I start I keep telling myself that it will be all worth it and it always is!

If you are married or you are single remember marriage is one of Gods greatest gifts that he has given us and all the hard work you put in is worth it!


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