The word routine can be a very ho-hum type word. It smacks of predictability and sameness. But all of us have routines and we can either fall into good routines that bring life or bad routines that suck our will to live and destroy us. This is the same for marriage.

What routines do you have with your spouse?

Kate and I have tried to put a few routines together. These routines are keeping our marriage strong now and we think we will reap huge dividends in the future. Here are a few of those routines:

Date night: We have a weekly date night. Date night for us means no friends, no family, no one except us. It is time for us to chat and reconnect and have some time where it is just about us. As of recently we have a baby girl named Emma and so we have a few people who have offered to mind Emma. This gracious act has been an amazing way of serving us as it allows us to have a date night. With date night, it is not about the money that is spent, it is the time that is spent. We have a budget of $50 a week which we set aside because we think that fifty dollars is money very well spent because it allows us to get out of the house and spend time together on our marriage. Do you plan each week to have a date night with your spouse?

We go to bed at the same time: this gives us time to pray and to chat at the end of the day. We share three things that we are thankful for and we commit the next day to God. This helps us connect at the end of a busy day.

We take a day off: rest is important and so we take days off where it is just us regularly. Some of those days off we don’t go and see friends, we don’t go out to a party or a wedding, we just stay at home and rest. This also gives us more time to connect.

We try to have one night at home together a week: Our weeks are very busy and so it is easy to put on something every night and meet up with people every night but we rail against this by scheduling in our diaries one night each week where we are just at home by ourselves. This is our time to relax and reconnect.

Everyone has routines. Are your routines helping or hurting your marriage?




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