I love the internet; it has brought us so many good things. It has brought preachers that ten years ago we have never heard of into our homes and onto our iPods. The internet has brought us much more information in blogs, YouTube videos and podcasts. But today’s media has also brought something that should be odorous to Christians. Today’s media has brought us the “Celebrity Pastor”. Now that last statement needs to be qualified. There has always been a celebrity pastors (e.g. Spurgeon, Calvin, Luther, Wesley) but we have never seen this many celebrity pastors.

These men who have great God given gifts are now considered the standard of what a pastor should be.  In some eyes Pastors are meant to be as insightful as Piper, as passionate as Chandler and as funny as Driscoll.

But isn’t this unfair? God has made Piper, Driscoll, Chandler etc to be brilliant men of God with extraordinary gifts for which we should praise God.

But what about your pastor? Do you see him diligently slaving away preparing those sermons he preaches? Do you see him working hard at counselling those people in your church? Do you see him praying for every member of the youth group? Do you see him take funeral after funeral? No usually the person in the pew doesn’t see all this.

Your pastor works harder than you might realise and if the stats are true he is more discouraged than you can ever imagine. How do you go at encouraging him? Do you actually listen to his sermons instead of rating them? Do you ever go to church expecting that God is going to speak through him or do you just sit back waiting for him to entertain you? Do you thank him ever for the job he is doing? Do you ever send him an email letting him know how you are positively impacted by his ministry?

We are so quick to ‘like’ a celebrity pastor on Facebook but would you like your own pastor on Facebook?

By the way this is not a cheap ploy for people at Resolved to give me encouraged. I am very blessed and encouraged by the people at Resolved. I wish every pastor could have the experience I do in pastoring you guys!

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