I am so pumped to be the pastor of Resolved!

I Love the people!

I love our vibe!

I love our vision!

This past weekend we Unleashed our new mission and our Vision for 2012.

Our New Mission is:

To impact Sydney with the love of Jesus for God’s glory.

We are not a church which will go quietly into the night, no we are a church that wants to leave a mark. We will only leave a mark if we share the love of Jesus which we do primarily by preaching the gospel! But when the history books are written we hope that Resolved is not mentioned but that Jesus is the one who we hope is written about!

For this year we have set the following Goals. We want:

80 People coming to Resolved every week

20 People to come to know Jesus this year

6 Community groups

All these are huge targets but I have been so encouraged by what people have been saying and doing in response to these huge goals! I have already seen people bring their friends to church, I have seen other plan out when they will bring particular friends to church based on which sermon series we will be doing. I have heard people say that the vision is the kick in the pants they needed!

I love my church!

Please pray that many people will come to know Jesus at Resolved this year!

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