Thom Rainer has written a great post called 12 Trends for Healthy Churches . Here are the 12 trends:

  1. The churches have a high view of Scripture.
  2. A large number of church members read the Bible daily.
  3. The churches have a priority and focus on the nations.
  4. The churches have a missional community presence.
  5. The congregations have membership that matters.
  6. The members are evangelistically intentional.
  7. These healthy churches have pastors who love the members.
  8. The churches allow their pastors to spend time in sermon preparation.
  9. There is clarity of the process of disciple making.
  10. These churches do less better.
  11. The process of discipleship moves members into ongoing small groups.
  12. Corporate prayer is intentional and prioritized.

What do is the one or two things from that list that you think Churches in Sydney have in abundance and what is one or two things that we need to work on?

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