Last week I was very privileged to sit down and ask Ed Stetzer and Tim Sims a bunch of questions. Ed and Tim have both done extensive study on many aspects of the church. One of the things I asked them both was about how pastors use their time.

Ed said that the average Pastor doesn’t spend enough time with two groups: the leaders of the church and the lost. He said that most pastors spend too much time in their desk on things like admin and sermon preparation and little to no time in people work. Tim said he basically agreed with this statement but he would add that a lot of pastors don’t devote enough time to care for themselves spiritually either.

With this problem in mind I asked Ed how should pastors use their time? He said that he would advise pastors to spend 15 hours a week in each of these areas:

  • Training their leaders
  • With the lost
  • Doing admin
  • Preparing sermons

I was thinking about this and thought what would happen in my church if I gave 15 hours a week in meeting with people who didn’t know Jesus? What would happen if I spent 15 hours a week training the leaders of Resolved? I can only imagine the benefits Resolved would reap if I spent 30 hours a week with these two groups of people.

Because of Tim’s statement that Pastors don’t spend enough time with working on their own spiritual condition I changed Eds breakdown. I am trying to divide up each week into the following categories:

12.5 hours with the Lost. This can mean anything from doing a bible study to just playing guitar/basketball and hanging out with them

12.5 hours on leadership development. This is active discipling and the intentional training of the leaders at Resolved

10 hours on self. This is reading the bible and praying, reading books, listening to sermons and meeting with mentors or others who can help me and my ministry

10 hours on Admin. This is emailing, calls, social media, blogs anything I have to write for Resolved

15 hours on Sermon preparation.

5 Guitar – This is something I do for fun but I also use this time to hang with non Christians and so kill two birds with one stone.

5 Exercise – This is crucial because I don’t want to be a fat pastor/dad but I also will be using this time to hang with non Christians thus once again killing two birds with one stone.

This last week I have been very challenged in how I use my time.

How are you using your time?

Are you using your time as effectively as you can?


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