Resolved has got a great year of preaching planned this year and I thought I would let you in on what we are doing.

We are kicking off a series called Be Different this Sunday. Be Different is a series on 1 Peter where we are calling people to be different from the world. We hope to see great changes in people’s lives as they are reminded of God’s call on their lives.

After Be Different we are doing a series on Scripture. We are looking at the Bible’s trustworthiness, authority, relevance and story. We are hoping that we will see an explosion in personal Bible reading during this series as our people see what a great privilege it is to have God’s word in front of them.

After Easter we are kicking a series off called Crazy Love (original, I know!). Crazy Love will be a 4-week study on the book of Hosea. We will be pushing this as a series that people should bring their friends to, as we look at God’s crazy love for all people.

After Crazy Love we are having a series that has the working title ‘The Doctrine of God’ (we will come up with something better than that for the real title!). In this series we will be exploring aspects of God and his character. Topics like God’s sovereignty, love and holiness, to name just a few, will be covered.

After the Doctrine of God series we are doing a quick two-sermon series on Social Justice. In this, we want to make sure that our people’s view of caring for the poor is grounded in the gospel.

August through September sees us going through Jesus’ words in the Sermon on the Mount. We are hoping to make this a series that people can bring their friends to, to meet Jesus the master teacher and find out that he is so much more than that.

Then we are doing two-sermon series on Joy. This will be a series where we are hoping to see how the gospel brings us joy and living life God’s way is not to be done grudgingly but should be done knowing that in this life we can find great joy.

November sees us kick off a series in Jonah. What a great book Jonah is!!! We will be looking at Jonah and seeing how great God’s salvation is and how we are to be unlike Jonah who had no tears for the lost.

Leading up to Christmas we are doing a short series called Never Beyond Hope. In this series we are looking at three people from the gospel of John with whom Jesus interacted (the woman at the well, Thomas and Peter) and we will see that Jesus gave them hope and therefore, no matter what we are like, we are never beyond hope.

What is your church preaching on in 2012?


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