1. I want to grow closer to Jesus. By reading my bible and praying every day.
  2. I want to grow closer to my wife by finding two ways each week to romance her and being more intentional about our relationship
  3. I want to build stronger and more loving relationships with my friends and family.
  4. I am praying to see 10 people I love come to know, love and serve Jesus
  5. I am determined to see a Jesus centered culture of love, encouragement, execution, evangelism and discipleship to be instilled at Resolved
  6. I am dedicated to read at least 50 books
  7. I am planning to spend 5 hours a week practicing guitar
  8. I am planning to spend 5 hours a week working out
  9. I am going to finish the two books I have started writing
  10. I plan to be on time for everything
  11. I am determined to always do what I say I will do
  12. I am endeavouring to enjoy every moment and make every moment count

What do you want to achieve in 2012?


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