The Bible states that our resurrection will be patterned after Jesus’ own resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:35-44) and so our resurrection, just like Jesus’, will be physical. This gives me great hope for myself that one day, no matter what happens in this life, my body will be resurrected and made new.

When I think about the resurrection and I think about my dad I remember what he used to be like before the cancer struck. He was a man who was thin and yet very tough and strong, he had boundless energy and was always working. But now he has lost a tonne of weight, he now cannot do one tenth of the things he used to do, he sleeps a lot and doesn’t have a quarter of the energy he once had. The resurrection says that this will not be the final picture of my dad I will see. If my dad believes in Jesus he too will be resurrected and given a new body, an imperishable body , a body  that is not racked with cancer one that is fit and with boundless energy.

It seems like every year there is a bishop or pastor who will deny the physicality of the resurrection. Remember that when they do that they are not just denying something that is integral to the Christian faith they are denying me and my dad hope. Hope that one day my dad will run again, hope that one day my dad will be able to work like he used to hope that one day everyone who trusts in Jesus will be raised physically to a new and eternal life!

So make sure when you preach the resurrection this Easter people go away knowing that Jesus was raised physically!


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