Over at Patheos.com different bloggers are compiling their 25 Books Every Christian Should Read. So I thought I would do my own. Now mine does not have as many classics as it should. This is because I haven’t read a lot of things City of God by Augustine and I wanted to keep this list to books I have read in their entirety.  So here is my list in no order of importance
  1. Institutes of the christian religion – John Calvin
  2. The Bondage of the will – Martin Luther
  3. The Religious Affections – Jonathan Edwards
  4. The apostolic Preaching of the cross – Leon Morris
  5. On the Incarnation – Athanasius
  6. The cross of Christ – John Stott
  7. The Cost of Discipleship – Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  8. How long O Lord – Don Carson
  9. Redemption accomplished and applied – John Murray
  10. Christianity and Liberalism – Gresham Machen
  11. Lectures to my Students – Charles Spurgeon
  12. In my Place Condemned he stood – Packer and Dever
  13. Cur Deus Homo – Anselm
  14. The Justification of God – John Piper
  15. Justification and Variegated Nomism – Carson, Seifrid and O’Brien
  16. The Reason for God – Tim Keller
  17. Gods greater Glory – Bruce Ware
  18. Washed and Waiting – Wesley Hill
  19. Hell Under Fire – Morgan and Peterson
  20. 9 Marks of a healthy church – Mark Dever
  21. Evangelicalism Divided – Iain Murray
  22. recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood – Piper and Grudem
  23. Humility – CJ Mahaney
  24. Jesus According to Scripture – Darrel Bock
  25. Perspectives old and new on Paul – Stephen Westerholm

What would be on your list?

What have I left out?

What can’ t you believe I missed/included?

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