Social Justice seems to be one of the sweeping fads in contemporary Christianity. We see movements like the” I Heart Revolution” and “Make Poverty History” being championed by churches and Para-church organizations. On the other hand there seems to be a reluctance to see social justice as part of what the church does. This may be for one of two reasons:

Firstly, people see the core task of the church as proclaiming the gospel of the Life death and resurrection of Jesus and anything else is not necessary.

Secondly, there seems to be a reluctance to do social justice because of fear of becoming liberal of abandoning the gospel. This fear, put bluntly, seems unfounded but when we have a look at churches that seem not to preach Jesus there is a strong emphasis on social Justice as the Gospel and because of the abandoning of the gospel Social justice is avoided.

But is it that cut and dry? Can you preach the Gospel and do social justice? Can you believe in strong reformed, evangelical doctrine and be committed to seeing people saved from Hell and still seek to alleviate the earthly suffering of those around you? This week I will be blogging about social justice and I will argue that you can preah the gospel and do social justice. in Tomorrows blog we will first examine the Biblical witness and see that one of the marks of discipleship is the care for the poor. Then we will see how the gospel is the grounds of social justice, then we will turn to church history and see that Christian since the early church have sought to relieve the suffering of those around you because of the gospel not in spite of the gospel. And finally we will wrap up with some seeing how evangelism and social justice relate to each other and then offer some conclusions.

I hope that you will see how the gospel and social justice arent opposites but both are to be employed by every gospel centered, reformed evangelical church.

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