Blogging is a funny thing. I am always weirded out by people saying they actually read my blog. But people do and I am thankful. I try to blog every day Monday through Friday. Sometimes this doesn’t happen but usually it does. Each blog is meant to take me 15 minutes to write and post but sometimes it can take as much as half an hour. The question I get often is “How do I get started blogging?”

Well get a blog page (duh!) and then get write up some content to write about and the write!

Here are some things I do to get content:

  1. I have a blog title idea list. On my phone and on my computer I have a list of things I am going to blog on. If I get an idea for a blog I put it on the list. Having a list means that great idea for a blog I had will not go out of my head before the next blog I write but will be down on paper (so to speak) and ready for me to write a blog about it in the future.
  2. I read book not blogs. Blogs are fine but they usually aren’t as well thought through as books. I find reading an hour a day helps me to have a creative and fertile mind. Sometimes reading a book will give me an idea for a blog series or a one off blog.
  3. I blog about the questions people ask me. I am always talking to people. I love being around people and sometimes the questions I get asked turn into blogs in the future. So if someone asks me about an aspect of church planting or leadership or preaching or whatever I might put the question down onto my list and in a few days, weeks or months it might become a blog.

Things to remember when you blog:

  1. Keep it short. Unless you are a brilliant thinker with amazing insights no one wants read your 3000 word treatise. I try to keep my blog to 300-500 words. This means someone should be able to read my blog and leave a comment in about five minutes or less.
  2. Write about things that people care about. So you have been inspired to write a blog that great!  Do you think anyone else but you cares about what you are going to write? If not ask some people. This goes especially for people who are in Bible College or who are just out of college. No offence but no one cares what you think of Karl Barth and Calvin on scripture. If you are going to write about theology make sure it is linked into peoples lives.
  3. A good title always helps. No one will read a blog titled Calvin and Barth on scripture but someone may read “What we can learn from two dead dues about the bible”
  4. Be controversial. It is a blog you are meant to put your thoughts out there and it is mean to be fun. Blog on something that is controversial or something that will get people talking.

Hope that helps you as you get started on this weird world of blogging!


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