Why do you do the things you do?

Do you have a reason for doing the things you do?

Some people meander through life. If you were to ask them why they do the things they do or how do the things they do now help them get to where they ultimately want to go they shrug or they come up with some reason that is not thought out.

Some Pastors meander through their jobs. Why did they preach that last sermon series? Was there thought, planning and preparation behind it? Why did they meet up with that person? How are they training those people?

The issue that a stops a lot of people from becoming good or great leaders is that they have not learned to be intentional.

Intentionality is doing or saying everything for a reason. It means that you have to have thought about what you are doing long term and figure out a way to get there. Then from this plan it means that every conversation, presentation, action and every meeting has intent and that you are prepared for all these things.

What would happen to your organisation or church if every meeting you were prepared with an agenda (either on your head or on paper), desired outcomes and a plan for following up on those outcomes? I think you would lead a lot better and there would be momentum in your organisation or church.

What would happen if you planned your preaching/teaching series one year out and then you were intentional about spending a few hours each week preparing for that next sermon series? I think your preaching would improve.

I heard a very successful man say that the difference between a successful person and a failure is that successful person has drive, discipline and is intentional.

I want to be successful in what counts (Luke 12:13-21). I also know that times is short, limited and one of the most precious things God has given me and I should use it well (Psalm 90:12).

Therefore I want to be intentional with everything I do. Every blog, every tweet, every meeting, every phone call, every sermon has to have a specific purpose and desired outcome.

I want to make my life count and therefore I will endeavour to be intentional about everything.

What about you are you intentional?

How do you discipline yourself to be intentional in everything you do?


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