Three months ago Resolved’s vibe on Sunday was down. People found church tiring, we found relationships hard and the services weren’t at the standard they should be.  But things are slowly changing. Here is what we are trying to do to get the vibe we are looking for:

  1. The leaders are working hard at showing their love for people. Sometimes at church we get distracted. We focus more on things then people. We focus more on the seating, lighting, sermon, music, etc then the people. This is one of the things we were doing.  Now what we try to do is make sure that we show how much we love everyone who comes in the door. In this we are letting what we feel about the people come out in our conversations and our manner.
  2. The leaders are working hard at being excited to be at church. We are reminding each other of the gospel and what an amazing thing it is to meet together and what an amazing privilege it is to serve at our church. With this in mind we seek to take these ideas and make them realities on Sunday when we meet. We want to be excited when we meet with Gods people because we do not know what God is going to do when his word is preached!
  3. We are becoming more organised. Being organised means less stress and more thought. This helps us work hard at the things that get forgotten (i.e. people and relationships) when we are not organised.
  4. We are asking the question “How does the gospel spring out of this text to inspire people to live for Jesus?”  I don’t want to inspire people I want the gospel to inspire people. All I want to do is to show them how to the gospel inspires them. I think this has changed my preaching so that people hear about the gospel elements (creation, sin, judgement, cross, resurrection, heaven, hell) in ways that they can see the connections to their lives and also how it inspires or encourages them to live for Jesus.

Are you working on the vibe of your church service? If so what are you doing to create the vibe that flows out of the gospel?


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