One of the things I lack is humility. But before you close this window because you are thinking “Hans is just blogging about the obvious!” hear me out.

The contradiction in my life is this:

I know the truth and yet I am not humble.

I know the truth about me being a despicable hell bound sinner, who was rightly and justly under God’s wrath. I know the truth about me being saved by God’s glorious grace, for his glory, And I know the truth about the only thing I bring to God is my own sinful life and yet I am not humble.

I am proud.

This comes to bear especially when I am talking about the truth.

I want to know the gospel deeply, preach the gospel powerfully and defend the gospel winsomely. But I find, in my own heart at least, a lot of pride when I do these things.

But when my pride rears its ugly head the most is when I am talking with someone else with whom I disagree about some theological issue. My pride says to me:

“They don’t know what they are talking about!”

“They haven’t got a bachelor of divinity but you have!”

“They haven’t read all the books that you have!”

“They haven’t read the right books but you have!”

“They don’t know the gospel/bible/the text like you do!”

“They say that because they are New Perspective, Barthian, Liberal, Catholic, Arminian, Anglican, Baptist, Presbyterian, Uniting church, etc.”

These things that pop into my head bring me great pride in what I know and what I can articulate. How quickly do I forget that the only reason that I believe these things is by God’s grace? How quickly do I forget that is it God who gives me the gifts I have? How quickly do I forget that am saved only by God’s grace? How quickly do I forget about the fact that God loves the person I am speaking to?”

I need a huge dose of humble orthodoxy.

It is my prayer that I will stand for the truth of the gospel with a humility that is shaped by the gospel.

God, may you give me the grace to do just this.


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