Dear Al, KCC and team,

Brothers and sisters thank you so much for putting on Oxygen. I felt like I was drinking from a fire hose. There was so much that God challenged me about.

I loved how John Lennox kept emphasizing that we will not get the church growing unless we get the word growing. In a world where technique is held as the thing we have to nail to get our churches to grow I was very encouraged by this! He also encouraged me in my evangelism by being so enthusiastic to tell his friends and colleagues about Jesus! I now have a greater love for the book of Acts and I cant wait till i preach through it!

I love John Piper’s passion(who doesn’t?), but I also loved how he showed me his arguments from the grammar and the syntax of the passages he was exegeting. I came away thinking “It is all so clear!!” But also thinking that I need to show more of my work in my sermons! I loved his passion for Joy in his life and my life and how that cant be divorced from hard and right thinking!

I loved the music!!! Trevor, Greg, Owen, Rowan, Faith and the other singer and the keys player did an amazing job! The songs lead me to consider the deep truths of the gospel and the music was brilliantly executed. The room was big and had so much natural reverb and yet the mix was always done very well! Great job guys!

I loved my two electives. I went to one lead by Phillip Jensen who challenged pastors to guard the gospel and protect our flock. Which I, as a natural evangelist, can neglect! I also went Andrew Heard’s great seminar on gospel dreams and realising them. In both there was much food for thought about leadership, vision and motivating my people at Resolved.

I loved the book pack! I love how generous your sponsors were in giving the conference delegates a bunch of new books! I also loved your generosity in giving away all the talks for free. KCC could have made a mint form the talks and yet you guys are more into blessing the world than making money! I love that about KCC!

Should Oxygen be a movement? Yes it should. I hope that Oxygen becomes a conference that comes up every year or two. It was amazing. Thanks to all who worked so hard to put it on!

Your brother in Christ,



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