I love hearing Rappers acceptance speeches at awards shows. They always go something like this:

“I’d like to thank my Lord Jesus Christ, Jehovah God almighty, for my number one hit single. It is called “I’m gonna kill your Mamma!”

There is a bit of a disconnect there isn’t there?

But I was wondering what about my life?

Is there a disconnect there too?

Do people see me living one way and yet talking another. I mean I confess Jesus with my lips but does my life measure up? Am I legit or am I another fake Christian?

When I read the letters to the seven churches in the Book of Revelation I am ashamed to see myself in each one of them. I see myself not as I should be, imperfect, confessing Jesus with my lips and yet denying him in my life.

For the glory of Jesus, we mustn’t be like rappers at awards shows we must legit.

That means taking sin and nailing to the cross.

And living in response to the cross.

Knowing that Jesus has paid it all…


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