Google+ is the new thing on the social media block. I love it and my wife is sick of hearing about it! It has a lot of features that I have yet to tap into but these features make it look a lot better functionally then Facebook. (I still love Facebook and Twitter though!)

The great advantage that Google+ has over Facebook is its circles feature. If you are not on Google+ when you post a status update on Facebook all your “friends” can see it. Google+ circles means that you can group friends according to what they are to you. For example I have a Resolved circle and a friends circle and a networking circle etc. People can be in more than one circle also. So when I put a post on Google+ I can select a circle and only the people in the Circle I select will see it.

This means I can have a series of posts going out to my networking friends about what I am doing and what Resolved is doing. I can then have a series of posts trying to inform people of what is happening is at Resolved in the Resolved circle and I can have some discussion starter type posts in my friends circle.

Circles gives me the opportunity to target different groups of people and use it as a tool to connect these people with Resolved which is what I want to use my social media for.

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