“Oh darling, when you are content in being single that is when he/she will come along”

How many of have heard this statement? How many of us believe this? I think Christian girls are especially susceptible to this believing this statement. It seems like so many of my single sisters are working so hard at being content and at the same time they are waiting for God to drop Mr Right out of the sky. A lot of my sisters would settle for someone to asking them out on a date.

See the old chestnut “When you are content in being single He/she will come along” is




Yes a lie!

God has wired us to be relational creatures and so there will always be some kind of angst if we are single.  So when we tell the lie “When you are content he/she will come” we are actually denying what the Bible says about us as creatures. We are denying the way God has made us.

Also, this lie gives the picture that God is up in heaven looking down on the single person waiting and watching their “content gauge” and when they are finally content enough God flips the switch and the next time that single person gets onto a train and sits next to someone, spills a drink on someone, talks to the owner of the cute dog they pat at the park, (insert your favourite romantic comedy cliché here), that person will be “the one”.

But God doesn’t work like that. The most important thing for God is that we would desire to know him and we love him. So God is orchestrating our lives for that end. Also, God doesn’t say anywhere in the Bible that he gives us good gifts when we are content or deserve them or whatever. No, God is the God who gives generously to those who don’t deserve anything.

So for now if we are single we have to trust God that he has out best interests at heart.

These truths are tough to swallow for many of us.

But tough truths are better than stupid lies which make us feel good.


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