The speaker held the two blocks of wood and she said each of these represent a person. She took out her tube of super glue and she glued them together and she said this is what happens when two people have sex, it is like sex glues them together. She then invited two young men up on stage to rip apart the two blocks of wood. They savagely ripped the wood apart leaving shards of wood everywhere.

She gazed out over the young crowd and said :

“this is what happens when you have sex outside of marraige” Sex will cause you to stick to somone and when  that someone leaves you will be ripped apart”

Then in a hushed tone she whispered

“If you have sex outside of marriage you will be damaged goods!”

At this time my friend who was sitting next to me was holding her knees to her chest while rocking back and forth crying because if this lady was right she was damaged goods and she felt like no one wanted damaged goods.

Once again this thing we say about sex leaves me asking a bunch of questions:

Why pick on sexual sin as making us damaged goods? Doesn’t all sin make us damaged goods?

Where does it say in the bible that sex outside of marriage makes us damaged goods?

Is this the message about sex that  Jesus would have brought to a group of teenagers?

It is interesting when Jesus walked on this earth he talked to a lot of women who were “damaged goods”. Women who had a past, a background, a life before they met Jesus. Not once did he ever use a phrase like damaged goods. He used words of love and forgiveness, he used words that gave life and asked them to leave their life of sin but he didn’t condemn them.

Also, when  I read the bible it doesnt even hint that if you have had sex outside of marriage you are “damaged goods”. It rather says things like this

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! 2 Corinthians 5:17

This says that if you trust in Jesus you are not damaged good you are a new creation.

This is the message of the Bible. That, sure sin does corrupt us and make us filthy to God, but because of Gods grace no one is damaged goods more than anyone else. Sin does corrupt us all but the free gift Gods grace transforms us into a new creation.

That is the message that God has for all of us.



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