One of the greatest things about our world is the preponderance of people worthy of hero status! I think having heroes is a great thing, a God given thing, we should be inspired by people who are great in areas we wish to be great.

But one of the things I have noticed in the past few years is that people have not stopped at admiring a person but have gone onto emulating them in every way. It seems like I only have to be with a person for a few minutes before I can guess who they want to be! When a person says something like “Man I hated his preaching so much I wanted to punch him I the neck!” I think “Hello Driscoll.” Or when a person bangs on with talk of “doubting people being regenerated or the churches in X-place have lost the gospel” I think “Hello Paul Washer!” Now I must confess that I was a Driscoll junkie and that in every sermon I preached for a year I looked for some fight to pick. (So this is kinda hypocritical for me to blog about). But in saying that I think this kind of emulation is a tragedy. People like Driscoll, Piper, Washer, Jensen etc. Are amazing men and should be heroes but when we so exalt them that we cannot see their faults and they become the standard for our lives we have forgotten that it is Jesus and not a preacher who sets the course of our lives. Not only that we forget the doctrine of creation, for David talks about being knit together in our mother’s wombs by God (Psalm 139:13), which highlights the care and precision that God displayed when he made us. He made us to be individuals, individuals who yes, follow the same God as revealed in scripture, individuals who by all means should have heroes, but individuals who have gifts, abilities, energy levels and emotions different from those heroes.

If we try to be someone we are not are we saying that God made a mistake in creating us like he has?


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