When I was at Bible College I had this conversation too many times:

Me: Why did you choose to go into ministry?

Person: Well I wasn’t really thinking about it all and then my (insert ministry worker here) tapped me on the shoulder and said I should think about it. So I went to (insert Christian conference here) and they encouraged me to do (insert apprenticeship name here) and now I am here.

Me: How did you meet your wife/ husband?

Person: Well I really didn’t like anyone and so my (insert ministry worker here) tapped me on the shoulder and said I should think about my spouse and so I did. So he asked me out/I asked her out at (insert Christian conference here) and to make a long story short we are here.

Me: Why did you buy that shirt?

Person:  Well I really didn’t like it and but my (insert ministry worker here) tapped me on the shoulder….

The first two interactions were based on real conversations I had with people at Bible college. The third one was a joke (obviously).

I know of a guy who was at Bible college got depressed and hit the eject switch and went back to working a normal job, which he loved. He then felt guilty because he wasn’t in ministry so he went back to Bible College. I pray that it all works out for him….

I think there is a big push in Sydney to go into fulltime paid ministry. This push is based on godly motives (i.e. more workers for the harvest) but I see a lot of people being guilted into ministry not being led into it by the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

Please only go into ministry if all of the following are true

1. Your spouse or future spouse is cool with it. This is a no brainer. If your spouse or your fiancée is not cool with it don’t go into it. Love your family over yourself and take a normal job and serve your butt off at your local church

2. Ministry captures your imagination. What I mean by this is that you want to do it. That you think of your perfect future and fulltime paid ministry looms large in it. You think that if you got to the end of your life and didn’t go into ministry you would regret it.

3. People have seen ministry gifts in your life. If people haven’t seen gifts in your life or people have discouraged you from ministry please listen to them. They love you and are saying the hard things to you out of love. If people have encouraged you in your gifts and they have been encouraged by your gifts this is a good sign.

4. You are not going into because you are angry with your pastor. I have heard too many pastors say they got into because they could do a better job than their pastor or that they had a point to prove. If this is you don’t go into ministry until this attitude is checked at the door.

The world needs more gospel workers but we need ones who are truly called by God into ministry.

What do you think?




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