downloadOn Tuesday, I said that when you rest God is preaching the gospel to you because when you rest you are saying to the world you are not its slave. This freedom echoes the freedom you have from sin, satan and the law that you have in the gospel. But when you rest, God is also preaching the gospel to you in another way.

When you rest what is happening in the universe? The answer is everything. Galaxies are being formed, stars are shining their light, and planets are spinning. While you rested the earth still rotated on its axis as it travelled through space around the sun. While you rested people went to work, fell in love, created art and ate food. While you rested the industry that you work in kept moving and even the company that you work for kept moving forward. Who was doing all this while you rested? God, and while you and I rest while you and I sleep God, in his grace, is preaching the gospel to you. He is saying you to and I “I am sovereign. I am in control. You can sleep or watch your reruns of Friends and I will be holding up all of creation without any of your help.” When you and I rest God is preaching to us that we are not the centre of the universe, we are not indispensable but he is. But there is a flip side to this too. A lot of us can’t rest because we think we are indispensable.  We think that If I rest this won’t happen, or she won’t do this or if I rest they need me and will suffer without me. What I am saying when I think this is that I am the one that makes the things around me happen. I am in control, I am important. I am God. If we are in this mindset when it comes to rest and work we commit Idolatry. God is no longer on the throne of our lives and the universe sovereignly ruling we are. And this is why our lives are so exhausting. We don’t have the physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual power to make sure everything happens. But God does and so we can rest well knowing that he is in control and that the world will go on and God’s purposes will continue even while we sleep. Only when we see ourselves us creatures and we get that God in his power has exhaustive sovereignty over everything will we be able to rest well and let him uphold creation.

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