a praying lifeAt the start of this year I realized that my prayer life was terrible, If I believed that God exists and that he loves me and wants the best for and that I can access him through prayer why don’t I pray like I should or as much as I should? For that reason I decided I was going to read a bunch of books on prayer this year and the first book I read was A Praying Life: Connecting With God In A Distracting World by Paul Miller. If your prayer life needs a jump start go out and buy this book and read it. It is an amazing book!

After the introduction, the book has five sections. Section one is called “Learning to Pray Like a Little Child’ and is an extended reflection of the fatherhood of God and how this doctrine should impact our thinking and our practice of prayer. Section two is called “Learning to Trust Again” and is about overcoming our inherent cynicism towards prayer and the promises of God. Section three is entitled “Learning to Ask Your Father” is an extended reflection on the commands of Jesus to ask God in prayer. Section four is entitled “Living in Your Father’s Story” and covers topics like God’s love and unanswered prayer and seeing it all in God’ story. And the final section called “Praying in Real Life” is a practical section that covers ordering your prayer life systematically.

This is a beautifully written book where the most beautiful aspect is Miller telling stories of his autistic daughter Kim and how she has helped him understand God inviting us to call him father and also how we should pray.

How good is this book? Well when I read it I wanted to put it down and pray to my heavenly father. This is a book on prayer that will inspire you to pray. Fancy that!

Any Christian will profit from reading A Praying Life. Go out and buy it!

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