Resolved is in the thick of our first ever mission we are calling “The Life You’ve Always Wanted.” We already have run a Women’s brunch and a Jazz night which were both awesome. In this time we had the privilege of partnering with a Moore College mission team who have done¬†great work in Newtown over the past week. They helped out with our two events, did walk up evangelism, brought people to church and promoted our church. We also had them preach at our last two Sunday services and our women’s brunch. Tamara, Tim and Ed did a great job in preaching for us and were more than willing to be coached in their preaching and preparation before the events. Lachlan Grice, a fourth year student, was the man with the plan, he had the vision, the plan and the strategy to turn a regional Moore College mission in Newtown from an idea into a reality. Lachlan showed great leadership in the lead up and through the week and I also saw his amazing dance skills which he is more than willing to give you a demo of!

A massive thank you to the team from Moore College. Your passion, humility and gospel centerdness is inspiring!

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