Your church needs to have a vision. A vision tells you where you as a church are going and without it you and your people may not know where you should be heading and what you should be doing. Therefore, most churches have a vision statement or a vision document that outlines where they as a church want to go. Some of these churches have great and compelling vision statements others seem to have borrowed one from the church next door or from the book they have just read about church.

But having a vision is not enough. You could have a vision to reach many people with the gospel or to send a huge number of people into full time ministry but unless you actually do something the vision is just hot air coming out of the pastors mouth or a yellowing piece of paper stuck to the cork board up the back of the church. For vision to become reality you need a strategy of how to take the next steps towards the goal of the vision and then the discipline of execution to make those steps happen.

The vision of Resolved is “To see a flood of people become Christians and be sent out to plant churches through out Sydney, Australia and the world.” So what are we doing to see that vision realised? The first few steps are putting on a mission that kicked off last Saturday and will end on Easter Sunday. We are having evangelistic events (Jazz night, community group outings, etc.) as well as connecting with out community in small ways¬†like having a family fun day at Camperdown Park in Newtown on Easter Saturday morning.

A vision is never enough, it needs to be put into planned action and then that planned action needs to be strategically executed.

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