On Wednesday I attended the Liberty Conference at Annandale Community Church. Liberty is a ministry that disciples and pastorally cares for people with unwanted same sex attraction. The speaker was Wesley Hill who is a man with unwanted same sex desires. He has written an amazing book that you should read about his journey called Washed and Waiting. In his second talk Wesley challenged us to think about how we can foster deep friendships at church which will be life giving to both married and single people.

This made me think about my church and if we are helping the people at Resolved who aren’t married or dating connect with others in a deep and profound level. It made me think about my family and if we are connecting with single Christians and inviting them into our family enough. It made me think about the relationships we in at church and whether they are profoundly and appropriately intimate or shallow and utilitarian?

I have no answers but only questions for now. I would love to hear from any single Christians on what a church/pastor/married couple could do to help you flourish relationally.

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